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Materials, Tools and Supplies for innovative craftsmen to explore and expand performance possibilities.  We feature a comprehensive inventory of resins, reinforcements and core materials used in the fabrication of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite products that are Stronger, Lighter, Faster and Better.

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Hollow Wood Surfboard Kits

Surfboards; Fiberglass Supply is a leading supplier to the Surfboard Industry. We stock a complete line of proven materials and supplies for building or repairing surfboards.  

Wooden Stand Up Paddleboards,

Boats - Power, Sail, Multihull, Dingy; Fiberglass Supply has been involved with the construction of many hundreds of boats, commercial and recreational. We are familiar with one off construction, stitch and glue construction, plug making, mold fabrication and production. 

Bass provided by World Fish Taxidermy 541-538-4700

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Hobby, Model, Arts & Crafts; Materials, tools and supplies for jewelry, fishing lures, taxidermy, building model planes, gliders, cars and boats, woodworking, and many other projects.  

Sailboards (Windsurfers); Fiberglass Supply is a major supplier to the Sailboard Industry with materials and supplies for fabricating polyester and epoxy sailboards.  


Formerly known as Monterey Bay Fiberglass, in June of 1997 we sold our California store and changed our name to Fiberglass Supply. We retain the "Itching for Fun" attitude and our commitment to helping our customers build lighter, faster, stronger and better products.

Aerospace; Materials, tools and supplies for finishing home built airplanes and unmanned aircraft. 

Kayak & Canoe; Fiberglass Supply is a supplier to numerous kayak, canoe and paddle builders with materials and supplies for strip planking, stitch and glue, cold molding and FRP composite construction.

Home Improvements; Materials, tools and supplies for projects around the home, waterproofing decks, repairing shower pans, fixing rotted  wood and laminating wood beams.

Autos, Hot Rods, Race Cars, Campers, Recreational Vehicles;  Materials, tools and supplies for everything from repairs and customizing, to building molds, to manufacturing fiberglass auto and transportation related products.

Materials; Hexcel & BGF Surfboard Fabrics -  Boat & Tooling Fabrics -  Cloth Tapes - Industrial Fabrics - 
Carbon Fabrics & Tapes -  Kevlar Fabrics & Tapes -  Unidirectional Fabrics - Knitted Unidirectional
Fabrics - Biaxial Reinforcements - Triaxial Reinforcements - Woven Roving -  Mat - Polyester Resins - Vinyl Ester Resins -  Chemicals -  Gel Coats -  Epoxy Resins -  Hollow Glass Bubbles - Microballoons - Fumed Silica - Chopped Strand Glass - Milled Glass Fibers - Pour Foam -  End Grain Balsa - Divinycell -  Urethane Sheet Foam - Core Mat - Clark Foam Surfboard & Sailboard Blanks - Fin Boxes - Fins - Leash  Cups - Mast Boxes - Vent Plugs - Acrylic Latex Surfboard Paints - Rice Paper - Strap Inserts - Acrylic Nonskid

Tools; Scissors -  Kevlar Shears - Hatachi Planer - Die Grinders - Hand Planes - Bubble Rollers - Paint Roller Handles - Paint Brushes - Trim Knives -Wedges - Sanding Blocks - Foam Sanding Pads

Supplies; Masking Tape - Masking Paper - Sandpaper - Sanding Screen - Foam Sanding Pads - Rubber Backing Pads - Grinding Discs - Buffing Pads - Rubbing Compound - Dust Masks - Respirators - Gloves - Moon Suits - Vacuum Bagging Supplies - Rubber Squeegees - Scissors -  Paper Buckets - Books - Videos

Health and Safety; Respirators - Dust Masks - Safety Goggles - Gloves - Disposable Gloves - Ear Plugs - Moon Suits - Hand Cleaner - Protective Barrier Cream 

Information; Books - Videos - Product Descriptions - Product Specifications - Material Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS)

Our Product Catalog is a partial list of the materials and supplies we have available.  If you don't find what you require, have questions about a project or need more  information about any of the items we carry, we encourage you to contact us at (509) 493-3464 during business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) Monday through Friday or email at or use the Question Form we have provided.  We're here to help.



Read Application and Handling Information.

Follow Instructions

Store materials and supplies in a safe place under
proper conditions.


Dispose of empty containers and waste in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.
We provide proper handling information for the materials we supply and will enthusiastically answer any questions you have about working with these products.

Nebulous Theorem II, a composite bodied streamliner built by Jack Costella of San Jose, California. Pictured after a record run at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Jack typifies what "Itching for Fun" is about, ideas, creativity, execution and play. Built with materials we supplied. .

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You order stuff because you need it, we understand this.  Our policy is to tell you at the time of the order when and with whom it will be shipped, when you can expect to receive your order, and what your order will cost.  We endeavor to ship all orders by the least costly means.  We ship by US Postal Service, United Parcel Service (UPS), Common Carrier or your choice.  For more information on our shipping policies see Ordering.

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