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Material Safety Data Sheets

At Fiberglass Supply, we try to keep are higher use products MSDS’s on this page. The MSDS’s are listed according to the Catalog.  If you do not find the MSDS for a product available on this web site, please contact us

Polyester Resins
Simlar S249A Surfboard Laminating Resin
Simlar S929 Sailboard Laminating Resin
Reichhold 32-737 Gloss Resin
Boat & General Purpose Resin
Isophthalic Tooling Resin
Vinyl Ester Laminating Resin
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
Surface Agent
Styrene Monomer
Polyester Pigments Dispersions

Gel Coats
Gel Coat - White
Gel Coat - Clear
Gel Coat - Orange
Gel Coat - Black
Cook White Gel Coat
Cook White Polycor Enamel

System Three Epoxy
SY3 SB112 Epoxy Resin
SY3 Phase Two Epoxy Resin
SY3 Phase Two Converter
System Three Epoxy Resin A, B or C
SY3 Clear Coat Epoxy
SY3 Quick Cure Epoxy
SY3 Rot Fix
SY3 Mirrorcoat
SY3 T-88

Epoxy Pigment Pastes.

West System Epoxy Resin 105
West System Hardener 205
West System Hardener 206
West System Hardener 207
West System Hardener 209
Marine Tex

Filler and Modifiers
3M Glass Bubbles or Hollow Glass
Phenolic Microballoons old
Wood Flour
Graphite Powder
West 403 Micro Fibers
West 404 High-Density Filler
West 405 Filleting Blend
West 406 Colloidal Silica
West 407 Low Density Filler
West 410 Microlight
Acrylic Dust
Cab o Sil,
Milled Glass Fibers
Chopped Strand Glass Fibers

Core Materials
H80 Divinycell Plain
H100 Divinycell Plain
H100 Divinymat
Last A Foam
Baltek Mat
Airex R63.80

Pour Foam
Kits 2 Pound Density
Kits 8 Pound Density
Component A
2 lb. Component B
8 lb. Component B

Release Agent
Partall No. 2
Partall No. 10
Safelease 30

Clark Foam Blanks

3M 77 Adhesive
3M Citrus Base Cleaner
3M 90 High- Strength Adhesive

3M Acryl-Marine Putty
3M Production Sandpaper
3M Imperial Sandpaper
3M 5955 Rubbing Compound
3M Marine Finesse-it ll Finishing Material
3M Marine Clean and Shine

3M 504 Respirator Wipes
3M Paint Buster

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