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Many customers wonder why it costs so much to ship surfboard blanks when they don’t weigh very much.  The cost to ship them is high because of their size and volume.  Most blanks are too large to ship on UPS Ground or Fed ex ground and must go on a truck.  The trucking companies base their billing off of how much space the blanks take up in the trailer, space that otherwise could be taken up with a heavy item and bill based on the volume and not the weight. Also the trucking companies have what they call a minimum charge.  In other words they will take a 1lb package but realize for them it is the same amount of work to ship a 1lb package as it is a 100lb package so they have a minimum amount that they charge to take freight.  Often times with surfboard blanks the minimum charge doesn’t get exceeded so for the same cost in freight we can ship 8 blanks with glass, fins, and other parts. 

In order to protect the blanks in shipping we put them into large blank boxes.  Our large box can hold up to 4 blanks per box.  Currently we are charging $15.95 per box for the large box. 

Below are some sample shipping rates.  Please feel free to contact us for a quote on shipping your order to you.



Prices Subject to change without notice.

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 Prices updated on October 25, 2013