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          Glass Fabrics
             Surfboard/Sailboard (Windsurfer) Fabrics
                 E Glass Fabrics
                 Warp Bias, E Glass Fabrics
                 S-2® Glass Fabric
                 K Glass Fabric
               Boat & Tooling Fabrics
                 Boat & Tooling Fabrics
                 Fabric Tape
               Industrial Fabrics
                 Industrial Fabrics
            Carbon and Kevlar
               Carbon Fiber Fabrics
                 Carbon Fiber Fabrics
                 Carbon Fiber Fabric Tape
               Kevlar® Fabrics
                 Kevlar® Fabrics
                 Kevlar® Fabric Tape
               Hybrid Fabrics
                 Hybrid Fabrics
                 Colored Fabric
               Warp Unidirectional Fabrics
                 Warp Unidirectional Fabrics
            Knitted Fabrics
               Knit Fabrics
                 Knitted Warp Unidirectional (0) Fabrics
                 Knitted Double Bias (+45/-45) Fabrics
                 Knitted Triaxail Bias(+45/-45/90)
                 Knitted Double Bias (+45/-45) Fabrics with 3/4 oz. Mat
                 Slit Double Bias Fabrics
                 Knitted (0, 90) Biaxial Fabrics
                 Knitted (0, 90) Biaxial Fabrics with 3/4 oz. Mat
             Woven Roving and Chopped Strand
               Woven Roving
                 Woven Roving
               Chopped Strand Mat
                 Chopped Strand Mat
                 Slit Mat Tape
               Dynel Cord

    Polyester Resins & Chemicals
         Polyester Resins
                 Surfboard Laminating Resin
                 Sailboard (Windsurfer) Laminating Resin
                 Gloss Resin
                 Boat & General Purpose Resin
                 Tooling Resin
                 Vinyl Ester Resin
                 UV Cure Resin
                 Catalyst, Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
                 Surface Agent
                 Styrene Monomer
        Polyester Pigments

    Gel Coats
         Gel Coat
                 White Gel Coat
                 Clear Gel Coat
                 Orange Tooling Gel Coat
                 Black Tooling Gel Coat
                 White Polycor® Enamel
                 Model G100 Gel Coat Spray Gun
                 Model 507-2.0 Gravity Feed Gun
                 Z-Spar Flagship Varnish
                 Preval Paint Sprayer

    Epoxy Resins
         System Three Resins
                 System Three Epoxy
                 Clear Coat Epoxy
                 SB-112 UV Clear Epoxy
                 Phase Two Structural Epoxy
                 Turbo Cure Accelerator
                 System Three Plunger Kit
                 Quick Cure Epoxy
                 15 - Cure
                 T-88® Structural Epoxy Adhesive
                 Goof Proof Accessories
                 Rot Fix®
                 Rot Repair Kit
                 Wood Carvers Repair Kit
                 Epoxy Pigments
           West System Epoxy
                 Epoxy Resin Kits
                 Epoxy Repair Kits
           Miscellaneous Epoxy
                 Marine Tex

  • Paint

  • Fillers
                 Hollow Glass Bubbles
                 Phenolic Micro-balloons
                 Wood Flour
                 Graphite Powder
                 Aluminum Powder
                 Micro Fibers
                 High - Density Filler
                 Fillet Blend
                 Colloidal Silca
                 Low Density Filler
                 Acrylic Dust
                 Cab o Sil
                 Cotton Flock
                 Milled Glass Fibers
                 Chopped Strand Glass

    Pour Foam
         Pour Foam
                 Kits 2 Pound Density
                 Kits 8 Pound Density
                 Component A
                 2 lb. Component B
                 8 lb. Component B

    Core Materials
         End Grain Balsa
                 Balsa core
                 H80 Plain
                 H100 Plain
                 H100 Divinymat
           Last a Foam
                 4 lb. Density
                 6 lb. Density
                 8 lb. Density
          Core Mat
                 Baltek Mat
                 Airex R63.80

    Vacuum Bagging Supplies
           Vacuum Bagging Supplies
                 Peel Ply
                 Nylon Release
                 Release Bag
                 Poly Tubing
                 Nylon Bagging Tubing
                 Sealant Tape
                 Venturi Vacuum Generator
                 Vacuum Cups and Vacuum Tubing
                 0-30 HG Vacuum Gage
                 Twist Lock Aluminum Vacuum Cup Assembly
                 Quick Disconnect Assembly
                 Vacuum Hose
                 Spiral Wrap
                 Resinflow 60

    Release Agents
         Release Agents
                 Release Film
                 Tooling Clay
  • Paddleboard Kits
  •     Stand Up Paddleboard Kits
  •                   Plywood Stand UP Paddleboard Kits
  •                   Strip Built Stand Up Paddleboard Kits
  •        Unlimited Laydown and Knee Paddle Paddleboards
  •                   18’ Paddleboard Plans
  •                   18’ Paddleboard Kit
  • Hollow Wood Surfboard Frame Kits
  •                 Fish Boards
  •                 Mini Mal
  •                 Cruiser Longboard
  •                 Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)
  •                 Fun Boards
  • Surfboard Kits
      • Shortboard Kits
      • Fish Kits
      • Funboards and Hybrids
      • Longboard Kits
      • Standup Paddle Board Kits
  • Surfboard Blanks
         USBlanks Polyurethane and EPS
                 Exell Foam Surfboard Blanks
                 DPS Foam EPS Surfboard Blanks

    Surfboard, Sailboard (Windsurfer) and Kiteboard Components
         Surfboard Components
                 Surfboard Fin Boxes
                 Stainless Steel Slider Plates and Screws
                 Break- Away fin Plate System
                 Surfboard Fins+
                 Future Fin Systems
                 Future Fin Systems Installation Jigs
                 Futures Fins
                 FCS Fins
                 Leash Cups
                 Glass-On Fins
                 Fin Roving
                 Rice Paper
                 Surfboard Sealer and Polish
           Sailboard (Windsurfer) and Kiteboard Components
                 Sailboard Fin Boxes
                 Tuttle Fin Boxes
                 Power Fin Box
                 Fin Adapters
                 Sailboard Mast Boxes
                 Foot Strap Inserts
                 Kiteboard Inserts
  • Skateboarding Supplies
      • Randall II Trucks
      • Seismic Trucks
      • Seismic Wheels
      • Krypto Wheels
      • Bearings
      • Grip Tape
      • Riser Pads
      • Skate Tools
  • Laminating Tools & Supplies
           Tools and Supplies
                 Hand Shears
                 Kevlar® Shears
                 Trim Knifes Blades
                 Single Edge Razor
                 Plastic Squeegees
                 Acid Brushes
                 Foam Brushes
                 Paint Rollers & Covers
                 Bubble Rollers
                 Mixing Sticks
                 Paint Strainers
                 Catalyst Dispenser
                 Graduated Cups
                 Mil Gage
                 Paper Buckets
                 Blue Tac Rags
                 Three Piece Blow Gun
                 Spray Gun Cleaning Kit
                 Masking Tape
                 Striping Tape
                 Hand Masker
                 Masking Paper
                 3M(®) 77 Adhesive
                 3M(®) Citrus Base Cleaner
                 3M(®) 90 Adhesive

    Shaping Tools, Abrasives & Supplies
           Shaping Tools
                 Hitachi Planers
                 Hand Planes
                 Cheese Graters
                 Sanding Blocks
                 Sanding Boards
                 Resin Bond Sheets
                 Fairing Boards
                 Fairing Board Sheets
                 Scuffing Pads
                 Sanding Screen
                 Grinding Discs
                 Air tools
                 Power Pad
                 Foam Backing Pad
                 Disc Adhesive
                 Sanding Pads
                 Buffing Pads
                 Polishing Compounds

    Safety & Hygiene Supplies
           Safety Supplies
                 Safety Goggles
                 Ear Plugs
             Hygiene Supplies
                 Moon Suits
                 Hand cleaner
                 Protective Barrier Cream

    Packaging Materials & Supplies
          Shipping Supplies
                 Blank Shipping Boxes
                 HAZMAT Shipping Boxes
                 Box Sealing Tape
                 HAZMAT Shipping Labels
                 Bubble Wrap
           Packaging Supplies
                 Cone Top Round Can
                 Rectangular Cans
                 Round Cans
                 5 Gallon Pails
                 Plastic Bottles & Jugs

    Clearance Items
          Fiberglass Reinforcements
            Foot Strap Inserts
            Sailboard Misc. Components
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