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Demos and Workshops

 Most months we have FREE hands on (when possible) demonstrations of various composite techniques.  Demos are usually from 6-8 pm at our location unless otherwise specified.  We do appreciate RSVP’s to help us plan refreshments and logistics. If you have a particular technique, project, or process that you want to see let us know, we love to tailor the program to our customer’s needs.


January 23rd- PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE, DUE TO BAD WEATHER WE HAVE MOVED THIS DEMO BACK A WEEK TO JANUARY 23RD Plugs and Molds. Generally to build composite molds to build parts out of you need a plug.  Plugs can be from a variety of materials. In this demo we’ll show you some examples and go over what to look for in a good plug. Then we’ll dive into mold making techniques and types of molds for different production processes.

February 13th- Open molding.  In this demo we’ll build some parts using wet lay up techniques.  Come ready to give it a go.

March 12th- Wet Layup and Veneer Vacuum Bagging Techniques.  This is the first of a 2 part series on vacuum bagging. In this demo we’ll build some part using wet layup vacuum bagging and then use vacuum to clamp parts together.  

April 16th- Vacuum Infusion. In this demo we’ll introduce you to vacuum infusion, a closed mold process where the reinforcements are placed in the mold or on the part dry and then resin is introduced using the difference in atomspheric pressure.  This is a neat way to build parts and can provide better laminates than open molding methods.  We’ll build some parts and show you how to set up test panels for switching your parts over to resin infusion.

May 14th- Stitch and Glue Boat Building, a fast, fun, easy way to build boats using shaped plywood panels.  We’ll cover a variety of stages of boat building and have hands on opportunities. 

June 11th- Surfboards! Come learn how to build surfboards and SUP’s. We’ll cover a range of techniques for the different stages of board building. 

July- No Demo

August - No Demo

September- Come join us at Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend for tons of fun and lots of beautiful boats.

October 8th- Vacuum Infusion- Come learn the basics of infusion and how to set up test panels for developing your own infusion plan.  We’ll also build some parts using infusion techniques involving disposable bags and reusable silicone bags.  We’ll also show bagging single sided parts and infusing parts to get a class A finish on both sides.

November 12th- Stitch and Glue Boat Building. Stitch and Glue Boat Building. Stitch and glue boat building is a fun fast way to build boats using shaped plywood panels.  This demo is hands on so come prepared to jump in and learn some boat building.

December 10th- Surfboards. Not getting much surf during the short winter time daylight hours? Spend those evenings building boards and thinking about the upcoming spring and summer to keep the stoke alive.  We’ll cover a variety of techniques through the different stages of board building.  Techniques cross over to building SUPs and wake surfers.