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Kitting Services

Kitting services are when we package together materials to your specifications, for example if you need a repair kit that contains fiberglass or carbon, epoxy, fillers, and mixing supplies we can package that together in the sizes specified for that kit so all you have to do is pull that prepackaged box off the shelf and either use it or send it to your customer.  We can even drop ship it direct for you so that you don’t have to stock it.  We can also kit for production, with materials cut to length and/or cores cut to shape. 

Kitting can save you labor and overhead costs by allowing us to break the larger components down here at our facility and box them into the quantities that the end user is going to need them in.  Kitting streamlines with what we do here on a daily basis so there is no need to upset your work environment breaking things down into smaller packages or trying to organize different SKUs into kits.  Kitting for production can reduce waste and help control costs by limiting the materials that the workers have access to and keeping the material inflow uniform.

We have done kitting for numerous customers on everything from single item kits to complex repair kits to shape cut multi-laminate kits.  The process begins with you getting a hold of us and letting us know the what you need kitted. If you have a bill of materials or specifics that will help us out, if not we can work through that together.  After we determine what you need/want we’ll put a proposal together, if the proposal is satisfactory then we’ll program your kit into our system with its own unique identifier and set you up so that when you order you just need to provide us with your product number and quantity that you would like.

CNC Cutting/Machining

We provide CNC (computer numerically controlled) cutting and machining services using our CNC routers.  We have experience in cutting plastics (polycarbonate, UHMW, PVC, etc), woods (plywood, MDF, dimensional wood), and composites.  We are able to provide 2.5 dimensional cutting and 3d cutting services.

2.5 dimensional (2.5D) cutting is simply cutting out parts, typically from sheet goods.  For example plywood boat kits or plywood boat parts are a 2.5 D cut.  Cost depends on amount of programming and machine time it takes to cut parts, boat parts can run as low as $25 per sheet of plywood and other complex parts with lots of detail can run as high as $100 per sheet.

Here are some examples of parts that can be cut using 2.5D cutting:

Surfboard Templates
Rocker Jigs
Boat Frames
Plywood (stitch and glue) boat panels
Foam Core/Balsa Core for composite parts
UHMW rub rails and strike guards
Battery Trays
Master Patterns (i.e. for boats, aircraft, or other parts)
Part Jigs
Acrylic Boat Windows
Trimming out parts

3D cutting is milling out 3 dimensional shapes using the router to obtain either a finished part, a plug, or a direct mold. 

Here are some examples of parts that we can mill in 3D
Foils- daggerboards, rudders, kite foils, small wind turbine blades, wings etc. 
Skateboard/Longboard Plugs
Paddle Blades/Paddle Cores
Shifter Knobs
Pinewood Derby Cars

Costs for 3D milling vary depending on part size, complexity, finish desired, and material selection. 


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