16oz. Can, Honey Wax Mold Release

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Product Overview

16oz. Can, Honey Wax

Premium mold release paste wax developed with high quality carnuba wax.  Spreads easily and buffs to a very high luster. 

Application instructions:

  1. Mold surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dry.  Apply mold sealer if necessary.
  2. Apply a thin even film of Honey Wax using circular motions and making sure there is complete uniform coverage, use the applicator sponge or a clean dry rag.
  3. Let coating haze completely, this should take 2-15 minutes. 
  4. Buff the surface to a luster using a fresh clean absorbent cloth or micro fiber towel as soon as the film is totally dry.
  5. Wait approx 10-15 minutes or longer before applying another coat of Honey Wax, 5-7 coats initially will effectively fill the pores and coat the mold surface.  The number of coats needed depends upon the porosity of the mold.
  6. Once a part is pulled apply 2 more coats of Honey Wax
  7. For the third part a single application will suffice.  From this point on multiple pulls can be achieved.
  8. If a new mold is being put into service and molding is done with a polyester resin it si recommended that PVA be used over the 5-7 coats of Honey wax for the first two molding cycles.  This is not necessary if the mold is seasoned and being reconditioned.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review