8 oz. Bottle, Azox Catalyst

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8 oz. Bottle, acetyl acetone peroxide (AAP) or 2,4-Pentanedione peroxide.

Azox is a very effective polymerization initator for room temperature cure of polyester and vinylester resin systems.  Decreases overall cure time while leaving gel times about the same as with standard initiators allowing a faster turnaround of molds or parts.  This is the catalyst we use when doing demos or parts that we want to demold quickly. For example with 8085 infusion resin we generally demold in less than 1 hour on parts with a wall thickness of .050" and with the Hydrex 100 we have gotten demold times as short as 35 minutes with 1.5% Azox at 75F.  If you need to speed up your process try Azox. 

NOT Recommended for Gelcoat.

Use MEKP dispenser or small measuring cups to accurately dispense MEKP.

Must ship via Common Carrier (LTL Truck), CANNOT SHIP VIA UPS OR FED EX SMALL PACKAGE. CANNOT SHIP VIA POST OFFICE OR AIR SHIPMENT METHODS. 4oz or small sizes can ship via UPS and Fedex Ground, small package options.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review