8'4" SP US Blank, 3/16" Basswood Stringer

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Product Overview

8'4" US Blank, with 3/16" Basswood Stringer

Overall Bottom Length: 8’4 7/16” (255.11 cm)
Tip-to-Tip Deck Length: 8’3 13/16” (253.52 cm)
Max Width: 24 3/16” (61.44 cm)
Max Thickness: 3 3/8” (8.57 cm)
Displacement: 2.97 ft3 (84.0 L)
Natural Rocker: 4 3/4”N 2 13/16”T
Designers Comment: “This blank reflects four decades of collaboration between Charlie Smith and Tom Parrish. The 8’4”SP allows for Funboard, mini-Longboard, and noserider style templates. Natural Rocker is fairly neutral in both nose and tail with enough thickness to shape it up or down. Ideal for boards in the 7’10” to 8’4” range.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review