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Cab O Sil, 10 lb. Bag

Update June 6th, 2022: Product has been on allocation all year and supplies have now dried up - the manufacturer is unable to confirm availability at this time. We are working on obtaining more stock and alternative options - you may place a non-refundable pre-order and we will fill the order when we have material or we will contact with options as they may become available.  Thank you for your understanding as we work to maintain our broad range of materials during the recent supply chain disruptions.

Cab-o-sil, also know as Aerosil, colloidial silica, or silicone dioxide, is a common inert filler.  It is a fumed silica that when introduced into fluids, such as resin, acts as a thickening agent. 

Use to add thix properties to resins,  to thicken a resin to a desired consistency, or to make putties.

For fairing putties use 3M bubbles or Phenolic Microballoons then add just enough cabosil to get the desired properties. Putties made from resin and cabosil alone are difficult to sand.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review