Gallon System 3 WR-LPU Camano Red Urethane Paint

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1 unit

Product Overview

Gallon WR LPU Orcas White Paint, The System Three Silvertip WR LPU paint line is a water borne (based) line of linear urethane paints.  The WR LPU paint can be used with or without a cross linker, using the cross linker will give you a more durable finish that weathers better, is more chemical resistant, and is more resistant to damage. 

WR LPU paint has a semi-gloss finish, if a higher shine is desired the paint can be wet sanded and buffed after it has fully cured.

WR-LPU MUST be thinned for application, for spraying start at around 20%.  Water is the thinner.

Here is the tech data sheet for WR-LPU Paints


(No reviews yet) Write a Review