PRO-SET® Epoxy Resins is a division of Gougeon Brothers, makers of the well known and popular WEST SYSTEM epoxy line.  PRO-SET is their industrial division that specializes in making application specific epoxy products to the highest standards.  

PRO-SET Epoxies are available in a number of stock and specialty formulations including epoxies for infusion, high temperature applications, surfboards, tooling, surfacing, fire retardant, and toughened.  Custom formulations are also available.  

PRO-SET High Temperature epoxies are suitable for applications like mufflers, valve covers, or other engine bay components that are subjected to elevated temperatures.  They can also be suitable for high temperature tooling applications for molds that are going to be subject to high heat, like pre-preg molding applications.

PRO-SET Infusion Epoxies feature good flow out, low viscosities, and great temperature resistant properties.  There are a number of hardener options available that include a high temperature version that has a Tg as high as 300F.

We are able to provide PRO-SET Epoxies in sizes from gallon kits up to totes. If you don't see the resin/size you are after please contact us. (509)-493-3464
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