High-Temp Infusion Epoxy System

PRO-SET® High-Temperature Epoxies are a system of 2-part, high-performance epoxies for synthetic composite tooling and part manufacturing. The High-Temperature system consists of a Surface Coat Epoxy, Laminating Epoxy, and an Infusion Epoxy. High-Temperature Epoxy systems can be used with PRO-SET Low-Density Fairing Putty for surfacing molds and plugs. The state-of-the-art chemistry behind these epoxies makes them easy to use, saving on labor and yielding high-quality results. They blend quickly, spread easily and shrink minimally. When combined to manufacture composite parts, they can be demolded after 24-48 hours at room temperature before a freestanding post-cure.

The Tg of this system is as high as 300°F (149°C) with proper post-cure. It has excellent temperature stability and part cosmetics.'

Data Sheets are available upon request. 

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