PRO-SET Absolute Clear Epoxy

Pro-Set Surfboard Epoxies are brilliant, ultra-clear systems formulated for high-volume production with fast flip times, excellent sandability and outstanding cosmetics in the showroom and on the waves.

 2:1 resin to hardener ratio. Flip time as fast as 1 hour at 85?F. Very low to no blush. Sands easily without complicated additives. SBE-262 Fast Hardener is formulated for hot coating and cooler shops. SBE-265 Slow Hardener has low exotherm and is formulated for laminating, potting, and hotter shops.
Superior physical properties with room temperature cure.

Surfboard Resin

Available in 3 different 'brightener' options: SBE-160 Classic Bright has a modest amount of optical brighteners to enhance whites and colors, SBE-163 Vivid Bright has an increased amount of optical brighteners for use with light laminations or for the brightest whites, SBE-166 Absolute Clear has no brightener added for the ultimate in colorless clarity.  Use SBE-166 Absolute Clear for a colorless clear finish over dark surfaces or wood.

Surfboard Hardeners

  • SBE-262 Surfboard Fast Hardener (17-22 minute Pot life at 77F)
  • SBE-265 Surfboard Slow Hardener (24-30 minute Pot life at 77F)
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