Fiberglass Supply has been providing innovative builders with materials from the early 1980’s. Founded in the Monterey Bay area of California during the Sailboat boom of the 70’s and 80’s, some of the boats that our customers built during that time are still highly sought after today as high performance sailing machines. In the late 1980’s Sailboarding took off and we opened a store on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge providing specialized materials to the Sailboard industry, including Carbon Fiber, Epoxies, and vacuum bagging supplies. We continue today supplying cutting edge composite materials and services to innovators, hobbyists, and industrial users that continue to push the envelope of performance through composites in industries such as watersports, unmanned aerial systems, aerospace, automotive, robotics, and marine. 

In 2012 we won an ACE award (Award for Composites Excellence) for our longboard skateboard infusion kits that we designed and developed for use in High Schools, Community Colleges, and other youth training programs to teach students the basics of resin infusion and provide them with a project that they would find meaningful and exciting.  In 2013 we developed an infusion molding system for a couple of customers that needed small parts infused with 2 finished sides.

In order to keep up with the trends in the composites industry we participate in industry conferences, reviewing technical papers and attending presentations on the advances in the industry, this information we bring back and use to train our employees and share with you.

Our approach to training our employees is two pronged, how and why. The how part involves hands on working with the materials using a number of processes depending on the type of project. The why is more classroom style teaching that goes over the details and reasons why things are done a certain way or why they work a certain way. We encourage all of our employees to build personal projects, there is no better way to get a guy in the warehouse to understand why he needs to wash his hands before rolling your glass than to have him build a surfboard of his own and realize through the process why he needs to treat the product he is shipping with respect.  Our tech help guys are also better prepared to answer your questions because they have not only learned the theory but also have worked with the materials using the processes that you’ll be using so they can explain the finer points and help you be successful, which is really what we want - you to be successful.

Over the years we have added more capacity and capabilities, including CNC services, plug making and mold making services. We can kit your products and provide help with laminate design, for more information check out our services page.

We are excited about the future of Composites and to be part of the industry as it expands into new applications and processes. 

And remember we are always "itching for fun!"

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