Fiberglass Mold Materials Calculator

Simply enter in the square feet of your mold or laminate and the desired thickness and it will calculate how many layers of 1.5 oz chop strand mat, gallons of resin, gelcoat for 1 side, yards of mat needed (in 50” or 38” widths) and  catalyst is needed (assumes catalyst usage at 1.5%).

IMPORTANT: This is an estimation, it does not take into account wastage (how much resin is left in the bucket or gets spilled on the floor). Final laminate thickness can vary due to a number of factors such as differing laminating styles, geometry, etc.

Material Links:

50" 1.5oz Chop Strand Mat

38" 1.5oz Chop Strand Mat

Iso Tooling Resin

MEKP initiator (catalyst)

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