Surfboard Resins

Polyester Surfboard Resin is formulated to cure water white (clear) and to cure in thin laminates. Our surfboard resin is Silmar S249A which is the surfboard industry standard for laminating and hot coating. To make a hot coat or sanding resin just add surface agent to the S249A surfboard resin. We also stock surfboard gloss resin. Gloss resin is specially formulated to self level and cure in a very thin film. Gloss resin cures to a hard surface that can be wetsanded and buffed to a very high gloss. Gloss resin is NOT suitable as a sanding resin, it is designed solely as a finishing coat. Gloss resin works very well in one off or plug making applications as well. Both resins are suitable for coloring with polyester pigments, generally speaking most colors will reach opacity at around 3% by volume of pigment loading. Pigments vary however in solids content and some require much higher loading levels. White, red, black, and yellow do well at lower levels, blue and green require very high levels to reach opacity.
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