Casting Epoxies

We have a few different epoxy systems that are suitable for casting shapes, encapsulating treasures, or casting tables.  

We have had very good experiences casting with our CCT epoxy with slow hardener and with Resin Research 2050 with extra slow hardener.  For larger pours we recommend keeping the layer thickness to around 3/8" this can vary with the addition of objects such as rocks or other articles that will help absorb some of the heat produced during cure.  We recommend following up with the next layer of resin soon after the previous returns to room temperature. Both resin systems are low viscosity for excellent release of bubbles and penetration into the substrate.  They can be used in a bar top type application but their low viscosity means you will either need to dam around the edges to get a thicker coating or do multiple coats.

Entropy CCR with the slow hardener is also an excellent choice for casting deeper pours.

For bartop applications where you want a thick resin that will sit on top of the material being coated Mirror Coat is a good option for that.  Under typical room temperatures it will coat out to about .040" thick in one pass. Mirror Coat products can be found here.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products and using them to cast table tops or other articles.
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