Entropy Resin

Entropy Resin

Entropy Epoxy Resins
Entropy Resins are a system of bio-based epoxy resins designed for use in composite applications that are certified USDA BioPreferred. Most of the Entropy Epoxy Resin systems utilize an easy to mix 2:1 ratio (resin to hardener) and come in a variety of systems to match your application.

Entropy Resins flagship product Super Sap ONE epoxy resin and hardener has a bio based carbon content of 30%. Super Sap ONE Epoxy has a amber hue and is suitable for hand lamination of surfboards, wooden boats, and other wood working projects.

Entropy Resins CLR epoxy is a clear epoxy resin and hardener system designed for applications that demand clarity and UV stability. CLR epoxy combination is suitable for clear castings, tooling, marine applications, and surfboard building.  (For the brightest surfboards try the BRT optically brightened version of the popular CLR epoxy)  The CLR epoxy has a lower bio based carbon content than the Super Sap ONE at 17%.

Entropy Resins CCR/CCF bio-based epoxy resin system is designed for castings that are less than 1" thick or a quart in volume; while the CCR/CCS can allow for casting pours up to 2" thick. This casting epoxy system is great for making jewelry, bartop type castings, or other art and hobby projects. The CCR epoxy has an 18% bio-based content.

For compression molding epoxy we are carrying Entropy Resins CPM/CPS epoxy resin system. This bio-based epoxy resin system is an easy 2:1 mix ratio and has a potlife of 50 minutes at room temperature, however the CPM/CPS epoxy cures in 18-20 minutes when raised to 180F. This epoxy is a good choice for snowboard and skateboard manufactures that need a compression molding epoxy.
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