Foil Boxes

Foil boxes are the components that connect your hydrofoil to your board.  Standard mounting configurations are the deep tuttlebox style foil box or the twin track style foil box system.

The deep tuttle style works great on thicker boards like sailboards and is a secure method of attachment that holds the foil mast to the board by bolting through the top of the board and pullilng the mast head snug up against the inside of the box.

The twin track foil box system is a versatile system that allows is better on thinner hydrofoil boards, as it only requires a little over an inch of board thickness to install.  This system also allows for some adjustment in the placement of the foil mast forward and aft on the foil board.

The twin track system can be done by installing 2 foil tracks into a board or by installing a high density foam cassette that has two boxes already installed in it.  If the foam density of the board is less that 2lb/cu ft we would recommend using a cassette.
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