CCT Epoxy with Slow Hardener

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Product Overview

Contemporary Composite Technologies Epoxy System with Slow Hardener Features:
  • Clear Epoxy and Hardener - Great for projects and products that will have a clear finish. i.e. Carbon Panels, Surfboards, Wood Boats, Photos, Plaques, and Castings.
  • Low Blush System - Less work in between coats
  • Flexible Resin - Great for high impact parts or parts that will flex or move, such as wood substrates
  • Low Viscosity - Wets out fabrics quickly, bonds well to hard to bond surfaces including woods, metals, and concrete
  • UV Stable - Resists browning or yellowing 
  • 2:1 Mix Ratio - Easy mix ratio to calculate for both small and large batches
Slow Hardener has a 50 minute pot life at 77F.
Recommend working in temperatures above 65 F
While resin is UV stable it does not contain UV inhibitors to protect the substrate, using a clear paint or varnish topcoat for projects that will be exposed to direct sunlight on a consistent basis is recommended.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review