1.5 Quart Kit EZ-Fillet Putty

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1.5 Quart Kit EZ-Fillet Putty, kit contains 1 quart A side and half a quart of B side.
EZ fillet is a pre-thickened epoxy putty designed for making adhesive fillets.  EZ-fillet is primarily designed towards wooden boat building with the putty being colored a dark brown color when mixed. 
EZ fillet uses an easy 2:1 mix ratio. 
EZ fillet simplyfies stitch and glue boat building by removing the tedious and messy process of adding fillers to epoxy to create a putty.  The fillers are already mixed in for you.
We have found we get the best results when mixing by weight and then placing the mixture into a bag and dispensing like a cake bag see video here. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review