1 Quart 6142 Silicone Rubber Kit

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1 unit

Product Overview

Use for molds, mandrels, or even parts like gaskets and seals.    Easy to use tin cure formula cures against a broad variety of substrates INCLUDING sulfur clay.

Holds fine detail and is pourable.  It can be made brushable with the addition of a thickener.

Stretches up to 400%  which is great for use as mandrels in hollow parts, also great for casting where you have 3 dimensional parts with fine detail and under cuts.

Great resistance to chemical attack, works well with polyurethanes and epoxies. Some materials that are commonly cast into this are: Urethane, plaster, soap, wax, polyester casting resin, and epoxy.

25A Durometer

Mix ratio is 10:1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review