3M Glass Bubbles, 1 lb. Bag

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3M Glass Bubbles, 1 lb. Bag

Hollow glass microspheres, use to extend resin, to reduce weight, shrinkage and sanding effort. 

Commonly used to make lightweight fairing compounds or putty for ding repair, also known as Q-cil. Can also be used to make tooling paste or cast parts.

A basic putty recipe is:

1 part resin by volume to 1 part 3M bubbles by volume - add cabosil to get desired thickness

The 3M Bubbles will extend and thicken the resin to a degree, but it is a bunch of marbles in solution so it will want to run and level out, adding cabosil will allow you to make a paste that you can stick on a wall or ceiling (if so desired) and won't affect the ability to sand the cured putty.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review