6'8" US Blanks EPS Blank

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Product Overview

6'8" US Blanks EPS Blank
Overall Bottom Length: 6’9” (205.74 cm)
Tip-to-Tip Deck Length: 6’8” (203.20 cm)
Max Width: 21 7/16” (54.45 cm)
Max Thickness: 2 7/8” (7.30 cm)
Available Densities: 1.5 pcf & 2.0 pcf
Natural Rocker: 5 3/8”N 2 3/8”T
Designers Comment: “Designed for versatility to accommodate a wide range of board styles from Fish to Big Guy
Shortboards. The manufacturing process ensures uniform density and fusion throughout, allowing the shaper to use the maximum width of the blank if necessary. A close tolerance version to yield quick shape and generate less waste.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review