Entropy Epoxy Kits CLR with CLX Extra Fast Hardener

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$122.00 - $640.00
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Mix Ratio by Volume:
Mix Ratio By Weight:
Recommended Full Cure:
7 days @ 77F

Product Overview

Entropy Super Sap CLR Clear epoxy resin with CLX Extra Fast Hardener.

Click on item for kit sizing and pricing.  Kits are 2:1 by volume and kit sizes start at 1.5 gallons mixed.

SUPER SAP® CLR Epoxy Resin is Entropy's flagship, high-performance clear coating epoxy resin system.  The CLR system is a water clear, UV stabilized epoxy system for applications that require a low color, low yellowing epoxy resin such as high color applications.  This system features a quick air-release and world-class UV resistance package.

Available in EXTRA FAST, and FAST cure speeds – 

CLX Extra Fast Cure: 18 min pot life, 2 HR tack free time

CLF Fast Cure: 21 min pot life, 4 HR tack free time


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review