Entropy Super Sap CCR Casting Resin

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Product Overview

Entropy’s Super Sap CCR Clear Casting Epoxy is a clear, UV-stabilized epoxy system designed specifically for casting, potting, and embedding applications. Low color and low viscosity allow for bubble-free, crystal-clear castings ideal for art and hobby applications. This SUPER SAP® formulation features two hardener speeds; slow (CCS) for high build casting epoxy applications and fast (CCF) for quick, small project fast casting epoxy applications such as resin jewelry and more.  Mix ratio is 2:1 Resin:Hardener by volume.

CCF Fast Cure: 90 min pot life, 24 HR tack free time

CCS Slow Cure: 360 min pot life, 72 HR tack free time

Also available in Kits with Fast (CCR/CCF) or Slow (CCR/CCS) cure speeds.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review