Gallon R&B EZ Release Agent

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Product Overview

Gallon R&B mold release.  This semi-permanent mold release is our most aggresive and has the highest slip. Great for resin infused parts, difficult to release or complex geometries, or parts using high tack resin systems.  Designed to provide a class A finish while providing a very good release.  R&B is compatible with a wide variety of resin systems including polyester, vinylester, epoxy, BMI, and phenolic systems.

Semi permanent mold release bonds to the mold surface and generally provides multiple pulls before needing a recoat.  You will need to determine recoat intervals as they are affected by processing method, mold geometry, and resin system.

Keep in mind that due to the high slip nature of this resin, gelcoat pre-release can be an issue with gelcoated parts.  We strongly recommend this system with contact infused epoxy parts.

Easy to apply, wipe on wipe off application and fast turnaround for production.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review