Gallon, Vinyl Ester Laminating Resin

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Gallon, Vinyl Ester Laminating Resin

Vinyl Ester Resin exhibits high physical properties, high tensile strength, flexural strength.  It also has great corrosion resistance and higher temperature resistance properties. 

Often used where better physical properties are needed.  It flexes better and is less likely to crack under strain than general purpose polyester resin.  

Our vinyl ester resin has high heat resistance and can be used for building molds in thermoform applications.

Catalyze with MEKP or AZOX.

Cures with a tacky surface so that subsequent layers can be bonded to it without the need for sanding.  To get a tack free surface add surface agent to it.  

Compatible with all our fiberglass reinforcements, including chop strand mat, also compatible with our carbon fiber fabrics.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review