(S)1.5 Gallon Kit Resin Research 2000CE Epoxy Slow

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Mix Ratio by Volume:
Pot Life @ 77F:
50 min to gel 5 hour set time

Product Overview

(S)1.5 Gallon Kit Resin Research 2000CE Epoxy Resin and Slow Hardener. This kit contains 1 gallon resin and 2 quarts hardener.

The Resin Research 2000CE is the industry standard for surfboard building epoxies.  The 2000CE is UV Stable and has has been optically brightened to make the board appear whiter. 

Resin Research 2000CE can be used alone or with Kwik Kick as a hot coating or fill coating resin. Both can be used with Additive F as a surfacing agent or sanding aid.

Slow Hardener has a pot life of 50 min@ 77F and a set time of 5 hours.

This kit is compatible with the System Three Pumps.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review