Style 1579 X 27 in 3.7oz Warp Glass

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Bulk Pricing:

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount

  • Buy 4 - 15 and pay only $3.78 each
  • Buy 16 - 120 and pay only $3.54 each
  • Buy 121 - 499 and pay only $2.25 each
  • Buy 500 or above and pay only $1.98 each
Breaking Strength:
200lb/in in warp 110lb/in in fill

Product Overview

Style 1579 X 27 in 3.7oz Warp.

All cloths will be sold by the Linear Yard - unless otherwise stated. 

Commonly refered to as 4oz warp glass, this is surfboard grade fiberglass, meaning that it is quality inspected to be free of both cosmetic and structural defects.  This glass is finished with a silane finish to provide a perfectly clear laminate and is compatible with polyester and epoxy resins.

Warp glass was designed for use in the surfboard building industry to place more strength in the length of the board while keeping the overall weight of the glass the same.  Warp glass has more yarns running the length of the glass and less in the fill than regular 4oz, which provides more strength where you need it without increasing the weight of the board.

Suggested uses are for building surfboards, covering kayaks or canoes, or any application where you need a thin clear glass coating.

A typical surfboard layup is 2 layers of glass on the deck and 1 layer on the bottom.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review