Style 4522 X 30 in 3.7oz S-2 Glass

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Bulk Pricing:

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  • Buy 4 - 15 and pay only $8.81 each
  • Buy 16 - 120 and pay only $7.83 each
  • Buy 121 or above and pay only $6.03 each
Breaking Strength:
125 lb/in warp 125 lb/in fill

Product Overview

Style 4522 X 30 in 3.7oz S-2 Glass

All cloths will be sold by the Linear Yard - unless otherwise stated. 

Commonly referred to as 4oz S Glass, this fiberglass fabric has higher physical properties than its e-glass counterpart.  S-glass is about 25% stiffer and stronger than E-glass, in fact it has a higher tensile strength than commercial grade carbon fiber.

This S-glass is finished to surfboard specs and is inspected for cosmetic and structural flaws before leaing the factory.  It is finished with a silane finish and is compatible with epoxy or polyester resins, however to get the most benefit out of the extra strength of the glass we recommend using epoxy resins with it.

While a typical surfboard laminate is 2 layers of glass on the deck and one on the bottom, some builders will substitute a layer of e-glass on the deck with a layer of S-glass to improve the boards ability to resist denting while keeping costs reasonable.

While we carry this as a surfboard fabric it is suitable anywhere a high strength reinforcement is needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review