WEST SYSTEM® 503 Gray Pigment, 4oz

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Product Overview

503 Gray Pigment is an epoxy-based liquid colorant used to tint the epoxy mixture gray, providing an even, gray color base for the final finish system. Colored surfaces also tend to highlight flaws and imperfections. Cured, pigmented epoxy surfaces are not final finish surfaces but require an additional paint or UV filter coating for ultraviolet protection. You can blend it into any WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin®/200 Series Hardener combination, G/flex® 650, or G/5® Five-Minute Adhesive.
503 Gray Pigment by WEST SYSTEM® can be added to the mixed resin/hardener at a rate of approximately one teaspoon of pigment to 8 fl oz of epoxy. More pigment will increase opaqueness and mixture viscosity. One 4 fl oz bottle will tint approximately 1.5 gal of epoxy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review